Android runs on hundreds of millions of handheld devices around the world, and it now supports these exciting, new form-factors.



Added Drawables

This 60-minute tutorial will focus on Android drawables and how you can use styles and the draw9patch tool to ensure they look great and scale properly across devices.


Where we start?

Added Where we start?

This is videos has some tips for everybody starts develop into an Android environment.



Added Layouts

Another Android's introduction video, but now it's about Layout.


Application Object

Added Application Object

In this Android tutorial, Marko will show you how to create your own implementation of the Application object, which you can use to make common features accessible to most parts of your Android app.


AsyncTask, Preferences and Options menu

Added AsyncTask, Preferences and Options menu

In this tutorial Marko will begin with an explanation of threading in Android, and how you can use AsyncTask to enable proper use of the UI thread. Marko will also cover how the Android file system is organized as well as how you can use intents and the options menu to jump from one activity to another.


Main Building Blocks

Added Main Building Blocks

In this 70-minute tutorial Marko Gargenta will demonstate the main building blocks for Android application development by showing you the processes behind a real world Android app.


Android UI

Added Android UI

In this 2-hour tutorial Marko will build an Android app from scratch in-order to illustrate some of the key concepts for Android UI development. By the end of this tutorial you should have a solid foundation for beginning to work with the Android UI, as well as some best practices for UI development.


Spicing up the UI

Added Spicing up the UI

In this 50-minute tutorial, Marko will pick up where he left off with in the last session, and show you how to spice up the Android UI by adding graphics, themes and colors.



Added Activities

Just a little introduction about Activities.



Added Traceview

In this 40-minute tutorial, Marko will show you how you can use the Android SDK tool Traceview to analyze data and debug issues in your Android application.


Effective Android Messaging

Added Effective Android Messaging

Messaging is a powerful addition to your Android app, but implementation can be tricky. Juan Gomez gives an overview on how to use the messaging protocols currently available on the Android platform.


Bluetooth & USB for Android

Added Bluetooth & USB for Android

The Android framework provides options for connecting external accessory devices to applications via technologies like Bluetooth and USB. Learn how to expand the reach of your Android devices.


Exploring SDK add-ons for Android Devices

Added Exploring SDK add-ons for Android Devices

Larry Schiefer, instructor here at NewCircle, discusses the Android SDK, in this technical class from AnDevCon '13.


Mastering the Android Touch System

Added Mastering the Android Touch System

Dave Smith outlines the Android touch system, and then dives into the code, in this talk from AnDevCon '13.


Getting Started

Added Getting Started

This lesson will help get you started with Android development. We’ll begin, as expected, with the obligatory 'hello world' example.


UI Designer

Added UI Designer

Let’s begin by discussing the key aspects of designing user interface applications in Android.