Ember.js is built for productivity. Designed with developer ergonomics in mind, its friendly APIs help you get your job done—fast. Don't waste time making trivial choices. Ember.js incorporates common idioms so you can focus on what makes your app special, not reinventing the wheel. Write dramatically less code with Ember's Handlebars integrated templates that update automatically when the underlying data changes.
Site: http://emberjs.com


Hijacking Hacker News with Ember.js

Added Hijacking Hacker News with Ember.js

In this session, we will look at several unconventional things you can do with Ember.js and Ember Data. We will be breathing new life into the Hacker News website via a chrome extension.


Meet Ember.js

Added Meet Ember.js

There's a new framework in town. Probably you've heard about it. It's time to know what's all the buzz about. A brief introduction to EmberJS as a framework and the philosophy behind it.


Ember.js in Action

Added Ember.js in Action

Ember.js in Action is a script tutorial that introduces the Ember.js framework and shows you how to build production-quality web applications.


WebSockets and Ember Data

Added WebSockets and Ember Data

In this talk Matteo Depalo explains how to handle with WebSockets connections with Ember.js.


Ember Addons

Added Ember Addons

A quick look about Ember Addons and how to use them.


Introduction to EmberKit

Added Introduction to EmberKit

This talk Alex Speller introduces the EmberKit to work with Ember.js framework.


Ember.js Performance

Added Ember.js Performance

One overarching theme in the Ember.js philosophy is to put developers on a path to success, primarily this is done by making that path have the lowest resistance. On several fronts this pattern has been quite successful, but on one important front we fall short, performance. This is the result of framework and run-time misalignment. This talk describes how we as a community can solve this problem in our apps and the framework.


Design for Ember Apps

Added Design for Ember Apps

Ember allows us to design highly adaptive, extendable, and fast web apps, but with those possibilities comes greater responsibility. In this talk I’ll hone in on those requirements with relevant examples and give the audience a starting point to make their next Ember.js product design successful.


Updating a project to Ember.js

Added Updating a project to Ember.js

Short screencast showing how Ember.Controller and Ember.ObjectController differ in Emberjs.


The Art of Ember Deployment

Added The Art of Ember Deployment

This talk will show you how to make your team’s deployments delightful and empowering instead of slow, clumsy and frustrating. I'll take you through the key concepts and show you the open source tools that are now available.


Dynamic Graphic Composition in Ember.js

Added Dynamic Graphic Composition in Ember.js

Ember's declarative object model and data-binding make it an excellent fit for building data visualizations that respond to change. This talk presents two ways to think about building dynamic SVG visualizations in Ember in the context of Hadley Wickham's The Grammar of Graphics.


Ember.js Test-Driven Development

Added Ember.js Test-Driven Development

Join me for an intense 25 minute live coding session where I build an ember application from the ground up test-first with nothing but the terminal and my favorite text editor! I'll share some of the tribal knowledge about what makes a great unit or functional test and how you decide to write one over the other.


Aligning Ember with Web Standards

Added Aligning Ember with Web Standards

Ember, to help us build apps today, has provided its own version of many ES6 and ES7 features. As the drafts become specs and browsers add new capabilities, the framework will need to reconfigure itself around them.


Interaction Design with Ember 2.0 and Polymer

Added Interaction Design with Ember 2.0 and Polymer

This talk will show you how to leverage the power of Ember 2.0 and Polymer to create remarkable user experiences.


Building Custom Apps with Ember CLI

Added Building Custom Apps with Ember CLI

This presentation will highlight how to extend Ember CLI through add-ons, explaining example use-cases, how to create one, and the hooks available for developers to build into.


Building Real-time applications with Ember

Added Building Real-time applications with Ember

In this session, we'll investigate a few strategies for integrating browser features like WebSockets as well as third-party libraries into our ember-cli applications. We'll look at how to structure an application using standalone controllers, initializer objects, and services.


Ember Observer

Added Ember Observer

This talk will show you how to work with Ember Observer.