Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.


Ignoring Files

Added Ignoring Files

How can I prevent certain files from being versioned / tracked by Git?


What is Version Control?

Added What is Version Control?

How does version control work in general? What benefits can I expect?


The Basic Workflow of Version Control

Added The Basic Workflow of Version Control

Which steps are typically involved when using version control?


Creating a New Local Repository

Added Creating a New Local Repository

How do I create a new repository on my machine?


Cloning an Existing Repository

Added Cloning an Existing Repository

How can I work with an existing repository from a remote server?


Inspecting Local Changes

Added Inspecting Local Changes

Which files are currently modified - and how?


Staging & Committing Changes

Added Staging & Committing Changes

How can I add changes to the next commit? How can I save changes as a new revision in the repository?


Commit History

Added Commit History

How can I see what has happened in my repository? How can I review my repository's history?


Installing & Configuring Git

Added Installing & Configuring Git

How do I install and configure Git on my machine?


Introduction to Branches

Added Introduction to Branches

What are branches? What is so special about the branching model (compared to SVN)? Why should you use them?


Creating & Checking Out Branches

Added Creating & Checking Out Branches

How can I create a branch? How can I make a branch active?


What is Version Control?

Added What is Version Control?

This video explains the basics of a version control.


What is Git?

Added What is Git?

In this video you will learn an introduction about Git.


Get Going with Git

Added Get Going with Git

In this episode the main commands will be explained about how to survive using Git.


Quick wins with Git

Added Quick wins with Git

This video explains some useful tips for Git.


Beginning with Git

Added Beginning with Git

This is a long screencast for beginners and intermediates learn about Git.